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Trademarks and industrial designs

One of the main areas of our law firm's activity is providing services to clients in the field of industrial property law, in particular advising on matters relating to trademarks, industrial designs, utility models and geographical indications.

The scope of services provided in this area includes:

  • preparation of applications and registration of trademarks before the Polish Patent Office and EU trademarks by the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO),
  • conducting disputes regarding the cancellation of exclusive rights or their expiry,
  • advice on the selection of the optimal protection of intellectual property products and its maintenance,
  • drafting agreements on the transfer and commercialization of industrial property rights, including license agreements, agreements on the transfer of exclusive rights, agreements for the use of know-how and confidentiality of technological solutions (NDA),
  • representation in court disputes and criminal proceedings involving infringement of exclusive industrial property rights.
  • advice and representation in cases of activities violating fair competition, including the use of someone else's designations, unfair imitation, misleading advertising, and parasitic use of someone else's reputation.

In matters relating to industrial property, our lawyers advised, inter alia, IT sector enterprises, startups, artists, producers of artistic craftsmanship and universities.

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