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film and media

Our law firm, due to many years of experience in providing services to entities on the film industry, provides comprehensive advice on legal issues related to audiovisual works, advising clients at all levels of film and television production and distribution.

Our services for film and media industry entities include:

  • egal support at all stages of film and television production, including consultancy in the field of project development, its production and distribution, including international co-productions,
  • drafting, reviewing and negotiating film production contracts, including co-production, distribution, sponsorship and barter contracts, as well as contracts with investors and broadcasters,
  • creating and reviewing contracts for individual authors and performers involved in film and television production, including directors, screenwriters, actors and composers,
  • advising on matters relating to subsidies from the Polish Film Institute and regional film funds, including the analysis of grant applications and advice at the stage of contract implementation and control of its performance,
  • representation in matters related to the organizations of collective management of copyright and related rights (including ZAiKS, SFP-ZAPA), including negotiating royalty rates for the use of audiovisual works.

The experience of our lawyers includes legal advice to co-authors of the greatest Polish cinema and TV hits of recent years, including: Cold War, Botox, Double Ironman, Women of Mafia, Letters to Santa 3, Pitbull, Pitbull Tough Women, Planet Single, Secret Wars, Beyond Words, Chemo, Ziarno prawdy, Letters to Santa 2, Uwikłanie, series The Pack, series The Pact).

Since 2014, our law firm has been providing ongoing legal support to cinemas associated in the Arthouse Cinemas Network behalf of the Arthouse Cinema Association, advising on projects implemented jointly by cinemas associated in the Network.

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