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public procurement law

Our law firm provides comprehensive customer service in matters related to public procurement, advising both ordering parties and contractors applying for the contract. The many years of experience of our lawyers enable them to effectively support clients at all stages of the procedure - from the selection of the strategy and preparation of tender documentation, to the completion of the contract and the stage of public procurement control.

Our experience in public procurement matters includes:

  • advice at the stage of preparing the procedure, including the selection of the procedure, developing criteria for evaluating offers, estimating the value of the contract;
  • issuing opinions and drawing up tender documents, i.e. contract notice, terms of reference, description of the subject of the contract, material provisions of the contract,
  • consultations in the course of tender procedures, incl. advice on decisions to exclude or admit to participate in the procedure, answers to contractors' questions,
  • support for contractors at the stage of preparing the offer and the required attachments and declarations,
  • preparing appeals against the decision to select an offer and other activities of the contracting authority as well as analyzes of competitive offers
  • representation in proceedings before the Public Procurement Office (PPO) and courts, as well as in proceedings related to public finance discipline.

In matters related to public procurement procedures, our lawyers advised, inter alia, the largest Polish cultural institutions, entities from the creative and artistic industries, architects and contractors of construction works

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