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copyright and related rights

Advice on matters related to copyright and related rights is one of the leading activities of our law firm. Many years of extensive experience and specialist knowledge allow our lawyers to effectively advise on all aspects related to rights to works and objects of related rights for a wide range of creators and representatives of creative industries.

Our law firm's experience in this field of law includes:

  • advice on matters relating to the premises of copyright protection and the selection of the optimal way to protect creativity and its commercialization,
  • drafting, reviewing and negotiating contracts for the use of copyright and related rights, including publishing, concert, phonographic, film production, architectural works, etc.,
  • consulting on the possibility of using someone else's works under the so-called permitted private and public use (including the right to quote, the right to reprint, orphan works),
  • representation of clients in relations with collective management organizations of copyright and related rights, including negotiating royalty rates and terms of license agreements,
  • legal support in investments related to the creation of works or objects of related rights, including advice on the correct method of acquiring exclusive rights,
  • representation in court disputes and criminal proceedings involving infringement of copyright and related rights.

In matters related to copyright and related rights, our lawyers provide ongoing legal services for numerous cultural institutions, including museums, galleries and documentation centers, as well as for entities from the publishing industry, management agencies and film producers. We also advised advertising agencies, music producers, universities, architectural offices, developers of software and computer games, and individual artists (graphic designers, painters, musicians, directors, screenwriters, writers, photographers, etc.).

Our lawyers also conduct closed training courses dedicated to entities that deal with copyright and related rights in their activities, tailored to the client's needs and the nature of his business (e.g. publishing houses, cultural institutions, architectural offices, creative agencies).

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