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personal data protection

Our lawyers provide comprehensive legal services regarding personal data protection law and legal aspects of security of information. Due to extensive knowledge and broad experience, our legal team effectively supports both private and public law entities in fulfilling legal requirements established in GDPR and other regulations.

Our services in area of personal data protection include:

  • comprehensive audit of Client’s compliance with personal data protection regulations and legal requirements for data processing,
  • drafting legal documentation necessary for data processing, including written consent forms, record of processing activities, information clauses, ect.
  • drafting and negotiating contracts regarding data processing,
  • creating a privacy policy and instructions for managing the IT system used for processing of personal data, personalized for the client's business,
  • providing support in risk analysis processes in the context of planned personal data processing operations,
  • representation in proceedings related to a breach of personal data protection security.

We advise cultural institutions, associations, companies from the IT sector, educational institutions, as well as entrepreneurs running online stores on issues related to the protection of personal data.

We also organize individual or group training in the field of personal data protection, which allows participants to efficiently acquire knowledge about the most important duties and obligations resulting from the provisions of the GDPR.

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