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music industry

For many years, our law firm has been providing comprehensive legal support to all entities in the music industry, advising both individual creators and artists, as well as music producers, impresario agencies and managers, and organizers of artistic events and entities using verbal and musical works.

Our experience in providing legal services to entities on the music industry includes:

  • drafting and reviewing contracts relating to the activities of leading Polish artists (including Anna Wyszkoni, Lady Pank, Piotr Cugowski, Kasia Kowalska, Małgorzata Ostrowska, Bracia, Krzysztof Cugowski, Michał Szpak, Bass Astral),
  • negotiating contracts for the participation of artists in entertainment programs (including Voice of Poland, Szansa na Sukces, Taniec z Gwiazdami, MTV Unplugged, festivals in Sopot and Opole), cooperation with TV and radio stations,
  • legal service of record contracts at all levels of music production, incl. drafting contracts with performers and producers, license and publishing contracts, contracts for the production of music videos,
  • negotiating and reviewing contracts for the use of musical works in audiovisual works (including films, series, commercials),
  • consultancy and co-creation of regulations and general conditions for the provision of services for streaming platforms and services,
  • negotiating with organizations of collective management of copyright and related rights (ZAiKS Association, STOART, ZPAW, ZPAV, SFP-ZAPA and others) in matters of license and copyright and executive royalties,
  • advising on matters related to promotion and advertising in artistic activities, including giving opinions on and preparing advertising contracts, or contracts for the use of the image,
  • representation in criminal and civil proceedings related to the violation of the rights to musical creativity.

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