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personal rights

Our lawyers have extensive experience in matters related to the protection of personal rights, successfully representing victims in proceedings for cessation of violations and payment of compensation for harm. Representing our clients, we negotiated disputes against the largest press publishers, radio and television stations and film producers.

The law firm's experience in cases involving the protection of personal rights includes, among others:

  • representation of persons and legal persons in civil proceedings for infringement of their personal rights and pursuing claims in this regard,
  • participation in criminal proceedings in defamation cases, both as defenders and attorneys of auxiliary prosecutors,
  • developing and negotiating contracts for the use of image, voice, in particular in advertising and artistic activities,
  • legal advice in the field of press law, including issuing opinions on press materials in terms of protecting the privacy and good name of natural persons, preparing applications for the publication of corrections,
  • risk consultations in matters related to the infringement of personal rights in artistic, journalistic or marketing activities,
  • representation in matters related to the infringement of personal rights on the Internet, in particular in social media.

Our clients in cases for the protection of personal rights were public persons and recognizable due to their professional or artistic activity, as well as private persons for whom encroaching into the sphere of personal rights had negative effects in their immediate social or professional environment.

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