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promotion and advertising

Our lawyers provide comprehensive legal services in the field of advertising and promotion law, supporting entities creating advertising materials and campaigns, as well as providing comprehensive legal services for marketing activities in cooperation with representatives of various industries and sectors on the market (including producers from the food industry and construction, organizers of festivals and cultural events, cinemas, cultural institutions).

Our law firm's services in legal matters relating to advertising and promotion include:

  • developing contracts for the creation or use of works in advertising materials, including contracts for the use of musical, graphic and image works,
  • creating and giving opinions on the regulations and conditions for the provision of services regarding the implementation of promotional campaigns, as well as sponsorship agreements, including barter agreements,
  • legal advice on matters related to the use of materials from multimedia databases, including issuing opinions on license terms for stock content and risk analysis in this regard,
  • issuing opinions on advertising campaigns and promotional campaigns in terms of their compliance with the law, including restrictions on alcohol advertising and lotteries,
  • legal support in the field of running contests and promotional lotteries, including the organization of gambling games,
  • representation in disputes regarding advertising activities that may violate fair competition, incl. misleading and comparative advertising,
  • advising on legal issues related to mailing, social media campaigns and automated marketing, including issues related to the protection of personal data (GDPR).

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